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Kate is the only granddaughter of The Duke of Devon, Lord and Lady Sanford. When Kate is in England she's Lady Kate and Kate Bodine when she's in the Louisiana bayou.

Jock Bodine, Kate's dad, was born in the Louisiana bayou. He was a Detective from the New Orleans Police Department, on loan to Scotland Yard, when he met Lady Catherine Sanford the only daughter of the Duke of Devon. After a whirlwind romance they married. Kate was born one year later. They lived at Greystone Manor until Lady Catherine was killed in a horse jumping competition. Lady Kate was twelve years old at the time.

Two years after Lady Catherine died Jock took Kate and returned to his family in Louisiana.

At the age of eighteen she applied to Boston University. She studied martial arts with Sensei Tony Annesi at Bushido-Kai in Framingham, Massachusetts, a short distance from Boston. She trained in Aiki-ju-jitsu, Karate and Judo for six years, earning a second degree black belt in each art. She took private lessons in "real world application" under her sensei when she was in Grad school.

In her freshman year she met and fell in love with Peter Edwards an instructor in an Army marksmanship unit. Peter taught her everything he knew about guns. She became an excellent marksman.

After college Peter followed her to New Orleans and joined the New Orleans Police Department. They were both skilled in weaponry and martial arts. Peter was killed in a routine traffic stop one week before they were to marry. Kate was inconsolable. After the funeral Kate went back to England, to the loving support of her Granny.

A year later Kate returned to Louisiana and became a Private Investigator. Mike Greenwald, a successful start up computer company owner hires Kate to find, Diana Dorsey, who disappeared in Cornwall, England.

Diana was on her way to join him in Connecticut when she vanished. Mike stopped trying to find her until he received a postcard from her saying, "Help Me."


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