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Amy Queen Of The Pirate's Ball

judy garwood's amy queen of the pirate's ball

By Judy Garwood
Publisher: WaveCloud
ISBN: 9781622170098
August 4, 2013


Amy, an eighteen year old girl, was rescued from the Irish Sea following the sinking of a cruise ship that drowned her mother and father. Amy's Aunt Lily, waiting at the family home in the New Orleans French Quarter, has been searching for her for the past thirteen years.

Amy must reign, before she turns nineteen, as Queen of the Pirates Ball at Mardi Gras, which is a short two weeks away. If she doesn't reign a curse will come to pass and the French Quarter will sink below the waters of the Mississippi River.

Amy is befriended by by Jimmy O'Brien, a three hundred year old Leprechaun with magic powers and a grandmother, Serena, the witch who put the curse on Amy's family over one hundred and fifty years ago.

Serena's enemies plot to harm Amy and thus avenge a grievance against Serena. It becomes a race for Amy to fulfill a destiny or fall into the hands of despicable characters who roam the hidden places in the magical French Quarter. There are real pirates and curses and treasure hunts. Explore Pirate Village in the French Quarter, a land of enchantment that can only be entered by someone with pirate's blood in their family tree. This story ends with a Ghost Ball attended by all the biggest pirates in history. But it's far from the end since Amy and Jimmy start "The End of The Rainbow Detective Agency".


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