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Amy And The French Quarter Detective Agency: Case #1: The Missing Pirate Treasure Map

judy garwood's Amy And The French Quarter Detective Agency: Case #1: The Missing Pirate Treasure Map

By Judy Garwood
ISBN-10: 1512319619
ISBN-13: 978-1512319613
May 21, 2015

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Amy Lafitte spent thirteen years in an Orphanage, on a private island, in the Irish Sea between Scotland and Ireland. She was rescued at the age of eighteen by her Aunt Lily and brought to the family home in the New Orleans French Quarter. When she was safe at home she found out that her Mom and Dad had survived the cruise ship tragedy that brought her to the Orphanage at the age of five. She learned that she had a Granny, who was a three hundred year old witch, and a Grandfather who was the real pirate Jean Lafitte, an immortal.

Amy met Jimmy O'Brien, a Leprechaun, who was neither short nor mean but four feet tall and had a sense of humor to match her own.

Amy and Jimmy start the French Quarter Detective Agency. Their first clients are looking for their nephew, Bugs Robichaux, who disappeared over a year ago. Bugs inherited Castle Island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, off Key West, and his Aunts inherited a pirate treasure map. Since the map showed the pirate treasure was somewhere on the island Bugs agreed to find the treasure and maybe sell the island.

To his amazement Bugs sells the island to the current tenants for two million dollars cash. He leaves with a suitcase full of money heading for Key West to deposit the money in a bank before returning to find the treasure.

In a rental boat, on the way to Key West, Bugs strangely falls asleep and wakes up in a dungeon. The cash is missing. Had he been kidnapped by pirates?

Amy and Jimmy fly to Miami. On the plane Amy meets Harry Morgan, a love interest, who helps her in her quest to find Bugs.

There's a surprise at the end and it's even more surprising than even Amy can imagine and Amy has a great imagination!