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Christmas in Maine

judy garwood's christmas in maine

By Judy Garwood
ISBN-10: 1729211941
ISBN-13: 978-1729211946
Release date: October 24, 2018

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"Christmas in Maine" is about a very successful romance novelist, Sashi St. Clair, who stopped writing five years ago. Her agent insists Sashi go on The Jimmy George TV Talk Show to get her readers back. The other guest is Jack Sullivan, who has been chosen The Sexiest Man in TV News. Jack's editor has promised he will go back to hard news investigative reporting if he goes on the same TV show.

Somehow Jimmy George has turned their meeting into a challenge where Sashi has said given a few days any man can fall in love and Jack says he won't fall in love but he will get a good story on how romance writers write. Sashi figures the coming weekend is Christmas so Jack will already have made plans. Nope. Jack takes the bet. Sashi believes Jack will get his interview and she'll get left behind. They both win as they both fall in love.