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No Loose Ends

judy garwood's NO LOOSE ENDS

By Judy Garwood
ISBN-10: 1546879013
ISBN-13: 978-1546879015
Release date: May 26, 2017

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Kate is the only granddaughter of The Duke of Devon, Lord and Lady Sanford. When Kate is in England she's Lady Kate and Private Investigator, Kate Bodine, when she's in the Louisiana bayou.

She trained in Aiki-ju-jutsu, Karate, and Judo for six years, earning a second degree black belt in each art. While in graduate school, she took private lessons in "real world application" under her sensei.

During that time she also became an excellent marksman.

Kate Bodine is hired by Mike Greenwald, successful start up computer company owner, to find Diana Dorsey, a woman he fell in love with, who disappeared in Cornwall, England.

Diana was on her way to join him in Connecticut when she vanished. Mike stopped trying to find her until he received a postcard from her saying, "Help Me."